Should education, including college, be free for everyone?


Topic Should education, including college, be free for everyone?

Requirements and Expectations Your paper must do the following:

  1. Take a clear stand on one of the issues provided in the paper topics handout. Represent your stance in terms of a clearly articulated, argumentative enthymeme. A fully-fledged, argumentative enthymeme contains the following items: a) it indicates an issue(s) it is responding to; b) it specifically states how it answers/responds to the issue(s); c) it draws a conclusion; and d) it provides the strongest reason or set of reasons for believing that the response/stand is a strongly plausible one. (You should review the course content on the parts and structure of a valid/sound enthymeme!)
  2. Develop and structure a strong argument that is well-organized and coherent, focusing on the following goals: a) explain your key ideas thoroughly, so that you are teaching your reader about them; and b) provide supported first-person perspective when appropriate (meaning you also accompany your ideas and beliefs with solid reasons).
  3. Include a well-developed counter-argument to your position and your rebuttal to that counterargument.
  4. Show evidence of proofreading and careful editing.
  5. Effectively utilize credible sources and evidence to illustrate and support your specific claims.
  6. Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page in MLA format.
  7. Be within 3-4 FULL pages (excluding the Works Cited page) and in MLA format throughout.


Your grade will reflect how well you follow the instructions below:

Requirement20 points DID IT15 points TRIED IT5 points DIDN’T DO IT
Enthymeme  You have chosen a topic from the provided topic list, and you’ve explained your thesis in the form of an enthymeme  You explained your thesis, but not in the form of an enthymeme  You did not include your thesis or enthymeme, and/or your topic was not from the provided list
CounterargumentYou fully explained at least one counterargument to either your reason or unstated assumptionYou mentioned one counterargument, but you did not explain itYou did not mention any counterarguments
ClarityYour writing is clear, direct, and effectiveSome of your writing is awkwardly written; there are grammar issues, run-on sentences, and/or mistakes Most of your writing is unclear, difficult to understand, and poorly worded
CitationsYou have proper intext MLA citations, as well as a works cited pageYou have either in-text citations or a works cited pageYou are missing many or all citations
Format and Page LimitYour paper is in proper MLA format and is between 3-4 pages, excluding the Works Cited pageYour paper uses consistent formatting, but not MLA, and/or is within one page longer or shorter than the page limitYou did not use any consistent formatting, and/or your paper is more than one page outside of the limit

 Make presentation on the essay topic.

  1. Your presentation should include:
    1. Your chosen paper topic and reasoning for choosing that topic
    1. Your thesis in the form of an enthymeme
    1. An analysis of your enthymeme (explain your reason, your conclusion, and the unstated assumption)
    1. A counterargument to either your reason or unstated assumption, fully explained
    1. Extra Credit: include some entertaining element, like PowerPoint, audio, video, images, etc.
  2. Your presentation may be in any form you like (typed paragraph, PowerPoint, video, etc.), so long as it fulfills all the requirements
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