Cognitive Psychology: PSYC 310

Cognitive Psychology: PSYC 310

Final Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to integrate information that you would have read, discussed and researched on the various topics of cognitive psychology, both from within your text and from research articles and other materials you would have read during this course.


  1. For each chapter read (a total of 4 chapters), select at least two main phenomenon cited.
  2. Review at least one experiment that was cited in your text to reinforce or demonstrate this phenomenon/theory.
  3. Discuss the real-life application of this phenomenon and experimental research.
  4. Cite a piece of current research (previous 5 years) that is related to one of the theories/phenomenon.
  5. Your final page should be a discussion on how your readings in this course has impacted your growth as a person and a student, and your overall understanding of human cognition. How will you use this course material to impact social change?
  6. This paper will be a 10 page paper:
  7. Chapter Reports – 8 pages
  8. Self-reflection page – 1 page
  9. References – 1 page
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