Biases affect decision making in order to come to a fair solution or decision

Accomplishing the objectives of this course will greatly enhance my management success by giving the tools necessary to apply critical research in order to make the most informed business solutions/decisions. This course will help me gain a better understanding of how emotions and biases affect decision making in order to come to a fair solution or decision. Also covered will be the legal and ethical issues faced in business and how best to mitigate them. The research techniques used will also give me the ability to use quantitative and qualitative data to help analyze different business situations. Finally, covering how technology has made an impact on businesses. The biggest hurdle or challenge of not mastering these objectives is a manager who is not equipped to make critically informed decisions or solutions.  

An organization’s vision statement is how or where the company hopes to be in the future. This is their goal or goals for the future and the position they are wanting the company to be at. Their mission statement is stating who and what they are, along with the company’s objectives. Strategy is different from vision and mission statements because it is a plan of action. The strategy of a company is how they are going to reach their future goals or vision statement and accomplish their mission statement.