Developing the Contract

Written Assignment 2: Developing the Contract

Reflect on an interaction with a person or group that you have experienced this past week or so, either at home or at work, where you acted as a “consultant” in some way. Perhaps your coworker asked you to help solve a problem or your partner asked you to advise her or him on handling a problem at work.

Describe the posture you took in the interaction, how you know what it was, and consider whether you would use the same posture if you were given the opportunity to do it over.

Consider Block’s Eight Steps of Contracting (see Block, Chapter 5). Which ones did you use? Which ones did you omit? How well did your approach work? Discuss the impact of using or omitting each step.

Discuss whether or not you identified the root cause of the presenting problem. Did you use the “five whys” or “three core questions?” If so, how did they work? If not, what might have turned out differently?

Consider the generalist models of consulting presented in Fombrun (Chapter 6) and Mabee, page 32. Choose one that best applies to your example and explain how it would help to use it to develop a hypothesis of the client’s situation that you can test.

Block (2011): Chapters 4 through 6, pages 51 through 120
Fombrun, <link is hidden> (2004).The consultant’s toolkit. (Fombrun & Nevins: Chapter 6, pages 78 through 97)
Fombrun, <link is hidden> & Nevins, <link is hidden> (2004). Thinking like a consultant. (Fombrun & Nevins: Chapter 7, pages 98 through 111)
Mabee (2009): Pages 7 through 29, The Consulting Discipline Five Core Habits (PDFPreview the document)
Scott, <link is hidden> (2004). Developing proposals. (Fombrun & Nevins: Chapter 9, pages 126 to 152)

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