Create a Life Worth living for older adult

This assignment has several components that are listed below:

  1. Please go to and review the site.  
  • Then review the author guidelines below:

Smart Strategies for Successful Living is gearing up for another year of providing our community with quality insights on aging well. This FREE online newsletter will continue to go out once a month with website updates posted toward the beginning and middle of the month. Because of the incredible contributions made by people like yourself over the years, the website audience has grown by leaps and bounds in size, ethnicity, and age range. 

Current Website Trends

  • We now have an audience of both national and international learners.
  • Our website continues to have greater appeal to women, but we are striving to inspire all adults (in their 30s, 40s and beyond) to make wiser choices as they age.

As A Guest Writer

  • Design your articles on topics that are meaningful to both you and our audience. Our goal is to encourage our readers to think about aging and how their choices now might affect them for years to come.
  • Please gear your articles to a specific category: good stuff (a catch all), health and wellness, healthy eating, brain health, caregiving, and heart and soul. While our newsletters have themes, they are not meant to be the focal point of your creativity and article topics.
  • As our website is for no profit, our guest writers are volunteers. However, there are tremendous rewards to be gained from helping others. Your articles will positively impact the success of our readers and how they structure their lives.
  • Review the Topics and Themes below to settle on a topic for your short article. You may choose from any of the themes below. The website director states that they prefer the phrase “living well” to ageing. So, when you are writing your submission keep that in mind. The submission should have an upbeat focus. Think about what the take-away is…this should be apparent. You may want to start your paper outline with the take-away to keep you focused. If you are unclear about if your topic is appropriate, please contact me. 

Topics and Themes Schedule

  • Live and Age Well ( this is my topic )
  • Other Important Writing Guidelines
  • Please keep your short article on a specific topic and of 500 and 1200 words. Break up your articles with subheadings, introductory questions, and bullet points. Make it convenient for people to read your article in an online context. 
  • The purpose of your short article is to engage elders in thinking about and activating them and think about ageing. This is not a lecture, please keep directive statements to a minimum
  • Create a title or heading for your article that is congruent with its content (shorter and catchy). Draw your audience to your article with a creative and unique title or heading.
  • Be cognizant that online readers tend to have a short attention span and will be less likely to tolerate a long and convoluted article than one that is short and on target. Maintain one central theme or subject when writing your article.
  • Engage your audience by using questions to reflect on the key points of your article. Encourage them to be active and not passive readers.
  • You can have up to 3 references, but this is not a research paper so only include them if it is necessary to convey the content. Be respectful of intellectual property and copyright issues. Avoid using other people‚Äôs sources without first asking permissions and/or citing them as the primary source. References are not required.
  • Make your article clean and easy to read. We recommend that you submit your article in Times Roman or Ariel in a font size of 12.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism as you write your articles. Use correct spelling and grammar.
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