Write A Memo Of Business

Assignment Require:

Paper #2 Memo:

Header & Footer

• Required header elements:

1) Best Buy logo/letterhead,

2) “To” and “From” lines,

3) date, and

4) subject. The CC line is optional for this memo. Make sure your subject is concise and specific.

• For this project, your role is the Customer Service Manager (use your own name), and your main audience is your Customer Service Representatives at the Riverside store.

• At the bottom of your memo, include an “Enclosures” or “Attachments” line where you list the documents that would go with the memo. You don’t actually need to attach them.

Introduction & Incident Summary

• Suggested length: 150 words.

• First, identify your memo’s purpose and main goals, then give your readers an idea of what to expect in the rest of the document. Keep the focus on analyzing and responding to customer complaints.

• Next, briefly summarize the problem and Mr. Knightley’s complaint about it. Keep your tone positive and remember that your readers will have the original letter as well.

• Think about reader benefits here: why should your employees invest their time and effort into reading your memo?

PEAR Analysis

• Suggested length: 400 words.

• Using the framework presented in Lecture 8, identify Mr. K’s priorities, emotions, attitudes, and requests. Be sure to quote specific words/phrases to back up your analysis and keep the company’s values/goals in mind.

• Since this is a training memo, this section should also teach your readers how to analyze customer complaints more efficiently, so they can plan their own responses.

Tips & Conclusion

• Suggested length: 200 words.

• Based on your PEAR analysis, give your readers three specific and concrete tips for responding to future complaints. Each tip should include a couple sentences explaining what to do and why it’s important.

• Ideally, you should apply these tips and the underlying principles in your own letter to Mr. Knightley, since it will be attached to the memo in this scenario.