Today’s First-Year Students

Reading/listening for the week:

Watch/listen to Paulo Freire (from one of last week’s articles) in this video: Freire: self reflection

I hope you like it and that you think about your own curiosity and role in your literacy. Share some reactions in the forum.

Read: the first two paragraphs (or more) of Chapter 9 “Language: Teaching New Worlds/New Words” by bell hooks. Think about that title. This about what she says about words.

Read: “The Two Questions” by Lynda Barry

Watch/listen to: Chimamanda Adichie’s  “The Danger of a Single Story”: 

Read: “Today’s First-Year Students” Chapter 11 page 73 (there are two articles by Leamnson in Chapter 11). Leamnson touches on quite a few issues

Discussion Forum:

Using some ideas from the resources above (Adichie, hooks, Freire, Leamnson, Barry) and past articles we read, think about and share some possible ways of thinking that get in your way of learning. If this feels too personal, use the “I am asking for a friend” (or writing about a friend) deflection.

  1. Share three (or more) ideas that you are thinking about your own ways of thinking. Model Leamnson if you want, with a heading and a short discussion—a paragraph for each will be just fine. Try to use the sources from above and Mezirow in them! 
  2. In another paragraph include reactions to the reading/videos for the week.
  3. Talk with others. Recommend a quote from one of the articles/videos to two others.

Here is the assignment for the final Academic Multi Source Synthesis Essay (AMS):  Academic synthesis essay 

Keep in mind that you will use Mezirow in the final AMS so if you need to reread him, do it! Trying to use him in the forum for this week, if you can, would be a good way to keep thinking about him.

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