Recruiting Cycle Reflection


Watch Zoom Recording to answer the following questions and reflections on this video. Write two pages.

Zoom Recording Link:

The reflection for this week should also include your reflections on this course. Select 2-3 bullets from the list below to incorporate into the reflection response

What elements of this course do you plan to incorporate into your professional development plan? What topics were most helpful to review? 

Which of the topics covered in this course are you most comfortable with, and which do you feel you have the most room to grow with? Evaluate how you will grow in the area you identify. 

Highlight your personal experience with either navigating the recruiting process, interviewing skills, or securing an internship. Speak to any challenges or obstacles you faced and how you overcame them?

What thoughts or ideas do you have to elevate this course for future students? 

While the content of your reflection paper is of a personal, reflective nature, you are expected to follow conventions of formal, academic writing. Your reflection should be at least 2 pages.

Make sure your reflection paper is clear, concrete, and free of spelling and grammatical errors