Describe the difference between primer formulations

Read the PDF of Interior Design Materials and Specification Chapter 1, Making material selections. Answer the summary questions

1.What is the difference between codes and standards

or guidelines?

2. Why can’t you use the IBC for your guide on all of

your projects?

What is the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act? What are some examples of guidelines

contained in the ADA?

4. What are the characteristics of sustainable products?

5. When making selections for a commercial interior,

what flame resistance is generally required for the

materials that you select? What might be some

examples of surfacing material that would meet

both ADA and fire safety?

6. What are VOCs?

7. Under what system are sustainability guidelines

organized and accounted for? What organization

developed these guidelines? What is the relationship of these guidelines to building codes?

8. What are characteristics of sustainable materials?

9. What chemicals are you likely to encounter as you

select materials for your clients that you should try

to avoid?

10. What is accounted for in a life-cycle cost analysis?

11. What are some of the ways to approach the task of

thinking globally?

12. What does social sustainability mean?

13. Why are third-party organizations critical to objectivity? What are the benefits of objectivity in the

development of guidelines and standards?

14. When would you produce a ballpark figure for your

client? A cost comparison? At what point is it

appropriate to invest the time to develop complete

costs? Why wouldn’t you develop complete costs

during the design development phase?

15. What is the form and function of the Construction

Specifications Institute indexing system?

16. What is a master specification, and how will you

use it?

17. What functions do each of the people in the supply

chain perform?

Read Interior Design Materials and Specifications Chapter 3, Paints, coatings, and wallcoverings. Answer the summary questions

1. Describe the difference between primer formulations.

2. How are primers different from paints?

3. Describe the different paint formulas, highlighting

their differences.

4. Rank sheen level in order from lowest to highest

using standard industry terminology.

5. How would you explain to your client why one

contractor’s bid is higher than another’s?

6. What would you inspect for when the walls are


7. What would be on your checklist to inspect for

when the walls are painted?

8. What is skim coating? What are the benefits of it?

9. How are faux finishes created?

10. What sustainability issues pertain to paint and


11. What are some alternative materials if you want

lower toxicity and more sustainability than is


12. What organizations issue guidelines pertaining to

air quality with regards to paints and coatings?

13. What are the different decorative faces used for

wallcoverings, and what are the differences in their


14. What backings are used, and what circumstances

indicate the use of which wallcovering?

15. What is the distinction between custom wallcovering and custom colorways?

16. What is the difference between vinyl and vinylcoated wallcovering?

17. What are the two rating systems that pertain to

wallcoverings, and what does each of the numbered

ratings mean?

18. What steps are necessary to estimate the quantity

of wallcovering needed for purposes of budgeting?

19. What kind of prepwork prepares walls for wallcovering?

20. When would you use an antimicrobial system? A

biocide? Microvented vinyl?

21. When would you use a strippable wallcovering?

When would you use a peelable wallcovering?

22. What sustainability issues pertain to wallcovering?

23. What characteristics can add to your price for a

paint or wallpaper installation?

24. When you are inspecting a completed job, what

kinds of things will you look for?

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