Analytical Reading Response

These are the instructions for the Analytical Reading responses, i attached the 2 readings and the rubric. thanks the paper is due on Nov 8th before 9PM central time 🙂
The first reading is called cities and urban life 7th edition by john Macionis and Vincent Parrillo.
I attached 2 word files Under the name of cities and urban life, this is the required reading.
The second reading is attached too
please read both of the books and cite them.

The ARR paper should be in essay style and the general requirements are below
A. Central Quotation: In the first paragraph, quote a sentence or two from the readings for the week (articles/textbook, etc.) that you think best captures the author’s overall point with reference to a page number for where the quotation is found.
B. Question: Raise a question that you think is not fully or satisfactorily answered by the article or text. The question should be one of interpretation or of inquiry, not simply a question of fact.

Textual Connection: Connect the argument of this work to an argument or point you found in another reading for that week. Present a quote from the other articles/text (citing it properly), and explain how the present text’s argument contrasts with, confirms, clarifies, or elaborates the other article’s argument or point.