A Never Ending Story: current aspects of language policy-related debates in and about Puerto Rico from party perspectives

You may focus on <link is hidden> the (official) language issue as reflected in current party politics in PR or how US parties view the same. <link is hidden> is always the best site for legislative proposals, and the American Presidency Project database contains all the documents of the Chief Executive. Please focus on the language issue and how it stands in currents party politics, also how other US parties see this, and what is Puerto Rico’s standpoint.
I. Introduction
II. Aims, corpus and Method
III. Language and Identity (briefly)
• language and ethnicity
• language ideology
• language attitudes
IV. Historical background (briefly)
• how Puerto Rico became a colony of the US
• how this effected their language (Spanish) therefore their society
• how the US Presidency dominated and/or dealt with Puerto Rico’s language politics up until now
V. Current aspects of the language-related debates (this part should dominate)
• Republican’s aspect
• Democrats’ aspect
• the Puerto Rican’s aspect
VI. Conclusion

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