What are the causes and poor consequences of terrorism with respect to the political structure in Turkey

Please write a term paper on “What are the causes and poor consequences of terrorism with respect to the political structure in Turkey”. Please feel free to narrow down the topic to a more specific.

Please use a Chicago manual of style.

Also, you need to use a literature review for this paper. I have attached the class syllabus for your reference.

Weekly ScheduleWeek 1: Introduction (May 19)   Presentation of the course: syllabus, requirements.Writing a rigorous academic research paperDeveloping a research questionCollecting and analyzing the sources
 The components of a research paperThe structure of a research paperAcademic conventionsIR: Research, methods and approaches   Week 2: The Main IR Theories and the International System (May 26)   The main IR theories:RealismLiberalismConstructivismMarxismFeminismThe international system: actors and structuresStates and non-states actors: still a Westphalian system?Polarities and hegemony   Week 3: International Organizations (June 2)   Historical perspective: the evolution of the international organizationsTheoretical perspectivesCase studies:The United Nations: history, structure, reformsRegional international organizations   Week 4: Security and Conflicts (June 9)   Outlines are due. Presentation outlines.   The causes of war: theoretical perspectivesThe use of force: legal, ethical and political aspectsThe changing character of warContemporary international challengesWeapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) proliferationCase studies   Week 5: Security and Conflicts (June 16)   New threats and transnational threats:International terrorism: An undefined threat?Cyber-security: A virtual threat?Transnational organized crime: An underground threat?   Week 6: A “Global” World (June 23)   Globalization: myth or reality?Global governanceGlobal economyGlobal challenges?North-South gapMigrationHealthEnvironment
 Week 7: Human Rights and Human Security (June 30)   Human security and human rights: concepts, definition, implicationsThe human rights and the International RelationsThe post-Cold War order and the evolution of humanitarian interventions: The Responsibility to protect (R2P)Peacekeeping and peacebuilding: limits and challenges Week 8: The evolution of the International System (July 7)Papers are due. Presentation of the final papers.Our international system