The American Revolution Research Paper

The American Revolution Research paper mistakes and grading criteria:

”I would point out that your opening and closing confine themselves to the Revolution, while the body appears to cover the entire period through the Civil War.  If you intend a comprehensive treatment, you should at least reference that intent in your introduction and cover it in your conclusion.”

What I got:

Thesis – 4

Body – 6

Conclusion – 3

Format – 1.5

Sources – 2.5

Grading Criteria–History Research Paper

CriteriaPoints Possible: Outline/Final Research PaperPoints Earned
Thesis and Summary: Does the paper strongly and succinctly articulate its argument?  Does the paper effectively summarize its main points and sources?    10 
Body: Does the paper present an accurate and comprehensive historical account?  Does the paper provide a strong critical analysis of the topic?  Does the paper effectively relate its main points back to its argument?  Is the paper well organized?      20 
Conclusion: Does the paper adequately restate the major argument and main evidentiary points?  Does the paper effectively communicate the significance of the topic?    10 
Sources: Have enough sources been consulted to demonstrate comprehensive research of the topic? 2-3  7.5   
Format: Does the paper meet the length requirements specified in the assignment? (7-10 pages)  2.5

History Research Paper Format Guidelines

Thesis Statement.  The thesis statement announces your argument in a succinct fashion.  For example, a paper outlining the difference in worldwide attitudes towards the twentieth century’s world wars might begin with the statement: “Mankind saw little purpose in the First World War.  The Allied leaders who prevailed appeared no different from Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, on the other hand, clearly represented evil.  When World War II ended, everyone knew why they had had to fight it.”  If appropriate, you might want to precede and introduce your thesis statement with a story meant to capture the reader’s attention.

Summarize your main points before closing the introduction and proceeding into the body of your paper.

Body.  In the body of your paper you want to provide the reader with historical background and context.  Present the major events and evidence supporting your thesis statement in detail.  For example, in the body of a paper comparing attitudes on the two world wars, you might want to discuss the German concentration camps, the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, and the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. 

You will also want to analyze the information presented in your sources.  In what direction do the primary sources point you?  How have the secondary sources dealt with the primary sources and with the topic as a whole?

Conclusion.  The conclusion should restate your argument and your principal supporting points.

The conclusion should also explain the significance of the topic, that is, it should explain why you chose to write on this particular topic, why you thought it important. 

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