Erikson’s first stage of development in your life

You will explore Erikson’s first stage of development in your own life. You will describe several important events that happened in your first year of life that may have impacted or illustrated your resolution to the Trust vs Mistrust stage. For example, you may list a birthday party, your first day of daycare or a special holiday memories. 
Stage 1 Trust vs. Mistrust – Infancy. Age 0-1 year
If an infant’s needs (including those for food, physical comfort, and emotional contact) are met in a warm and consistent manner by a dependable caregiver, a sense of trust will develop. A sense of trust leads to security and predictability, as well as a belief that the world is a good place. Infants whose caregivers are inconsistent, unresponsive, or neglectful may develop a sense of mistrust. This leads to feelings of apprehension and fear, and the belief that the world and people in it are not good and should not be trusted.