What are the effects of global inequality?


Question: What are the effects of global inequality?

Could you live on $2 a day? Could you do it for one day? for a week? for a month? As we learned in Chapter 10, 40 percent of the world’s population lives on just $2 a day. What is your personal connection to global inequality? Do you own a cell phone? Where was it made? What about your computer? Or your clothes? Many of the goods sold in the United States are manufactured overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and to provide a cheaper product to the American consumer.

For this assignment, you will go back into your closet and examine your personal relationship with global inequality. Can you find something that you own that was made locally, or is it all from overseas or from other parts of the country? Do you know how much the workers who made your phone were paid? Would you be willing to pay more for a product if it were made locally? Consider your position in the global economy and what it means for global inequality.

For this assignment, your grade will be based on your:

  • Attention to the prompt: Be sure to respond to all parts of the prompt and questions asked. If there are multiple questions, you may respond to these in a list or all together, whatever format works best for you. Think critically about the prompt and the course materials covered this week and make sure your essay thoroughly responds to the questions asked.
  • Inclusion of course materials: Written assignments require to you to analyze and integrate course content with your response to the prompt. You must reference some part of the course material, either the textbook or the recorded lectures, and formal citation of these materials is required.
  • Inclusion of outside sources and research: The prompt for this assignment requires you to do some research and reference sources outside of the course materials, in addition to including citations to course content. Be sure to use credible sources and properly cite your sources.
  • Word count and spelling/grammar/syntax: Your essay should be 700-1000 words. Bibliography does not count towards word count. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors and edit for clarity.