Micropolitical and micro economic evaluaiton

Your company, Sustainable Goods, is a <link is hidden> company that is privately owned. You are the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of the international branch of the company. Sustainable Goods is considering which countries to expand into first. The President of the company has tasked you with selecting Japan as a developed country and Somalia as a developing country to expand into as a pilot project.
macropolitical and macroeconomic changes that are occurring worldwide. Democracy continues to spread throughout developing nations, yet some countries continue to rule under monarchies, communism, and other forms of government. As technology has continued to advance, the ongoing discovery of previously inaccessible minerals and other natural resources continues in developing nations, providing opportunities for significant economic changes within a country. So how does an organization that is considering expanding into the international market gain an understanding of the macropolitical and macroeconomic factors that may influence their decision on which markets to enter?

Please evalute the political, economc and cultural aspects of eaxh countrt seperately in relation to a expansion project.