Applying Value Based Performance Measures

Assignment #3: Applying Value Based Performance Measures

Analyze the firm’s performance in 2019 utilizing various value based performance measures
(Free Cash Flow, EVA, and total shareholder return).

1. The description should include an introductory paragraph describing the nature of this report and its connection to the previous report “Assignment 2-feedback”.

2. The body of the report should contain three sections,
a. Free Cash Flow,
b. EVA
c. total shareholder return).
one for each value-based performance measure applied. Each section should present the key results (applying both benchmarks), the implications of these results, the underlying cause for the results, and the results’ consistency with previous results for the specific performance measure.

3. The concluding paragraph should summarize
a. The key findings, discussing how they relate (consistent or inconsistent) to each other (Free Cash Flow, EVA, and total shareholder return) and to your previous analysis (Check out the assignment 2 feedback) based on traditional analysis.
b. Finish your concluding paragraph by answering the CFO’s question regarding Tesla’s overall performance.

1. Read CAREFULLY the instructions in “Assignment 3 3420 Fall 2020” and “Assignment <link is hidden> is an EXCEL which provides my calculation for this Assignment so please using these numbers.

2. “Assignment <link is hidden> is a document that helps answer question 1 (introduction) and question 3 “how it relate to the new analysis”. Please DO NOT correct anything on that because it just makes a connection of this assignment.

3. “Tesla Assignment Draft” is an DRAFT of something should be done in this assignment. Note please improve these ideas since it is just an outline.

4. “Section 4” is a PowerPoint that explains what (Free Cash Flow, EVA, and total shareholder return) are.