Gender and the Global Economy

Read this Research Report: (Links to an external site.)

Watch the “Gender and the Global Economy” Lecture

Watch this video that explains how the United States Department of Labor researches wages and employment: (Links to an external site.)

Look for patterns in these charts: (Links to an external site.)

Do this activity and notice any patterns you are using to determine the answers: link here.

Look at your answers against the raw data:  link here

Visit the United States Department of Labor statistics on weekly earning by gender and occupation: (Links to an external site.)


These are the questions you want to consider while analyzing your data

  • What is the gendered wage gap?
  • Why is there a gender wage gap?
  • What do you notice in the data itself?
    • What patterns do you notice.
    • Look closely, there are patterns.
  • Why is the gendered wage gap an issue?
    • How does the gendered wage gap impact girls and women?
    • How does the gendered wage gap impact boys and men?
  • How can the gendered wage gap be eliminated? 

Your explanation of these dynamics, along with all of the above resources should be the basis of your analytic paper. Write a standard academic paper with an introduction and conclusion. 

You are required to use at least three terms/concepts from Chapter 6 and the associated lectures on Gender and the Global Economy.

Formatting and Guideline Requirements

  • Length should be 4-6 pages
  • Typed, Double spaced
  • Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • 1 inch margins all around
  • Do not include a title page or abstract or references (since all of your references will be from material provided in class)
  • Use of terminology and concepts will be evaluated
  • Flow of the paper will be evaluated
  • Sophistication of analysis and writing will be evaluated
  • Grammar and spelling will be evaluated
  • When citing material from class it should look like this (notice the citation is at the end of the sentence and there is a period after the end parenthesis):
    • Example for lecture
      • Blah blah blah (Reppond, month/day/year).
    • Example from the textbook, chapter 3
      • Blah blah blah (Ch. 3, pg. #).
    • If you lift 3 or more consecutive words from another source, you must use quotation marks and include a page number after the year in your citation or it is considered plagiarism.
    • Avoid excessive quoting. The goal of this paper is to show your understanding, not to show how you can quote from the textbook and/or lecture. Your paper should contain no more than one direct quote from the textbook or lecture.

Grading Scale

90-100% is earned through thorough and outstanding work, which evidences a sophisticated and thoughtful analysis, and thorough and precise writing.

80-89% is earned through the demonstration of thorough work and strong critical thinking.

70-79% is earned through the simple fulfillment of the paper requirements and adequate effort.

60-69% is earned through inadequate engagement with this assignment and not following instructions.

0-59% denotes work that does not deserve credit.

Academic Integrity

The University of Michigan-Dearborn and I value academic honesty and integrity ( In this class, the policy is that cheating and/or plagiarism will lead to a failing grade in the course and a permanent mark on your academic record. It is your responsibility to know what plagiarism is: