Why is problem solving important in organizational settings?

Part 1.

Based on your reading in Chapter 14 and outside research, answer the following Discussions in a single post, using each question as a subheading so that you classmates can clearly see your responses to each. 

1. Why is problem solving important in organizational settings?

2. One of the “rules” of brainstorming is no critiquing—positive or negative. Criticism is not allowed because of the potential for squelching open dialogue about the issue at hand. Why is positive critiquing, for example, “Wow, that’s a great idea,” problematic?

3. We suggest that group problem solving may not appeal to everyone. Why is this the case?

4. We suggest that managers’ behaviors could both stimulate and hinder creative problem solving. Explain.

Part 2

  1. Compile Assignments 2-4 into one final research paper over your chosen Interpersonal Relationships topic (Stress Management). You are free to adjust and edit your past assignments and sections as needed to make them flow together as one paper.

You have almost finished your final research paper. Now add 2 more major sections at the end, “Future Implications” and “Final thoughts”.

You will tie it all together and discuss, in light of the scholarly research (literature review) and the practical application of your topic, where your topic is going and how it is likely to evolve in the near future, in the section titled “Future Implications”.

You will make any final conclusions, discussion, and summarizing comments of your topic in the final concluding section titled “Final Thoughts”.