Here are some of the best skill-based certifications in the trend that will ensure a bright future with an ever-growing career

The world is evolving every day, and this evolution is pretty fast-paced. It is a universal fact that changes come along with new scopes and challenges, and everybody is trying to innovate new methods to face these challenges and extract the best opportunities from the same. 

Well, there are various organizations that belong to a variety of industries, who demand skills to beat these challenges. The change is seen as an opportunity in any organization, and that is why the leading organizations and companies belonging to different industries are competing and succeeding in this race. 

So one can understand how challenges and increasing demands of customers affect any industry. 

There are individuals who are ready to support these organizations through their services and skills. Before thinking about working providing skills, an individual should learn the skills that are in demand and in trend.

Here are some of the best skill-based certifications in the trend that will ensure a bright future with an ever-growing career.


The Open Group Architecture Framework is a standard that educates an individual about the skills and knowledge required to manage an Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF is a globally recognized certification that is in high demand across the globe. Almost 80% of global companies use the TOGAF framework for their Enterprise Management. 

This course is us iterative procedures and is updated regularly with new schemes and procedures to educate the aspirants about tackling the most anticipated problems that may arise in the management of an enterprise.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and AWS Certification is high demand in the IT world. This certification validates an IT individual with skills and deep knowledge about cloud computing. This certification lasts for 2years, well after 2years, the professionals are allowed to change their specifications and can get certification on the basis of the new specialty. Well, if a professional wants to renew the certification, then it is also possible.


Project Management Professional Certification is suitable for those who have experience or have an interest in the line of managing projects. The role of PMP individuals is crucial, and the placement is always long-termed. They have the skills to manage, monitor, communicate, and align the goals of the business with the demands of the customers.

It is indeed a big role to pay. PMI is an institution that provides this certification. When it comes to the demand of PMP certified professionals, then, one can sit assured as the PMI-PMP Certification is a globally recognized certification that is trending and perfectly suited for all types of industries. 


Big Data is defined, and Big Data is a series or sequence of a huge number of data from different industries. With the help of Big Data, an organization can produce many companies in a variety of industries. This also helps the companies to grow and flourish in the future. There are companies that provide Big Data of different sectors of business, and they acquire all sort of data related to the customers, this data helps the interested organizations to understand and analyze the requirements of customers.

Professionals who have Big Data skills are always in demand by leading companies, and these professionals should have a strong technical background. Individuals like software developer can get the Big Data Certification to boost their career in the data field.

Some of the best BIG DATA Certifications are:

  1. Cloudera Big Data CertificationCCP      Data Engineer Certification
  2. CCA Data Analyst Certification
  3. CCA Administrator Certification
  • Hortonworks Top Big Data      Certification
  1. The Hortonworks Certified      Associates Certification
  • MapR Top Big Data Certification
  1. MapR Spark Developer      Certification
  2. MapR Data Analyst Certification


There all certifications are for individuals who represent the various type of industrial background, and each of these certifications will educate an individual about a distinct skill, related to an organization of distinct industrial background. The process of learning never ends, and learning something new always makes way for a bright future. The whole market is based on skills, the more the skill, the more is the number of options and opportunities. Continual learning is beneficial for an individual as well as for a particular company that demands skilled professionals. The competition is high, so is the level of achieving skills.