Global Health-Case Study

Case Study: 

You have grant funding to support the Williamstown Board of Education in its efforts to reduce childhood obesity by changing the food available at school and introducing more exercise into the school. Mr. Sanchez, head of the Board, tells you in a confidential meeting that he is worried about what to do. Because of the economic situation, the school budget has been drastically cut over the past few years. A local snack food distributor, Lipid Foods, Inc., offered to step in and give the schools some funds if they let Lipid Foods place vending machines at the schools and if, from time to time, they featured some of its food specialties in the cafeteria—like Butter Crunch Chicken Nuggets or its famous Extra Plump Sports Dogs.

The school board felt it had no choice and agreed, and they are worried that if they begin to make changes in the food situation, the company will pull out, leaving a big budget hole. At the same time, Fast Motion Sports Gym, a local health club group, is offering to enter the picture by donating some money to the schools if they allow Fast Motion to hold some promotional exercise classes after school for students and parents and to offer gym memberships if the students/parents want to continue. The Latino members of the PTA are angry about this, saying that Fast Motion has no gyms in the part of town where Latinos primarily live and that they have no idea about life for many Latinos who have to work many jobs and cannot easily access after school classes or membership “health clubs” anyway.

  • What do you think you can do to resolve this and address the health problem?
  • How would you go about developing a health promotion campaign for this case?
  • How would you ensure that culture, diversity, and health disparities are included in the program?
  • Who do you think you should bring together to the community?

Maximum number of pages for the main body: 2 pages.

Do not exceed the 2- page limit except for the cover and reference pages.

Use at least 3 scholarly sources.

APA format