33 ideas for 3D modeling and design

Come up with a list of 99 product ideas you might want to create. These can be realistic, ridiculous, or anywhere in between. For each idea provide a one sentence description and one sentence describing who the imagined customer is. Provide the following:
• 33 ideas for 3D modeling and design – This can be any physical product you can imagine. It could be something you 3D print, an accessory for another product or service, or a new invention idea (even if you have no idea how it would work)
• 33 ideas for 360 degree visualization/augmented reality/virtual reality – Check out the AR/VR videos and imagine products or services that either overlay digital information on the real world or take the user fully into an artificial digital environment. Anything from immersive VR games to a dayplanner that float in your vision as you look at the world around you.
• 33 ideas for a mobile app – Any idea at all for an app on your phone. Could be super simple or very complex.
For example:
Realistic – An immersive 360 degree beach experience with full spectrum lighting to help fight seasonal depression. The customer would be therapists who could provide their seasonally depressed clients a comfortable and uplifting space to have therapy. Alternately useful for tanning salons.
Ridiculous – 3D printed shoes that are shaped like seashells (to amplify the sound) and include bluetooth speakers. Customers who want to wear cutting edge fashion and have their own soundtrack while walking would like these.