Psychology child development

For your essay, please complete the following:

Make a heading called Article Summary, and in your own words, summarize the article. Make sure to talk about any studies reported in the article, the hypothesis, the methods used to test the hypothesis, and the results and conclusions from the article—giving details specific enough that IThe reader could explain the article to someone else. If the article is a review article, you still need to talk about these details. What evidence do the authors have that their conclusions are true? This section is all about helping the reader understand the article (and the research presented in the article), without having to read it.

Make a heading called Relation to Class, and Choose three topics, facts, or theories and relate them to your article. Be specific as to how the article relates to what you have learned (or will learn) in this class (age and stage-related concerns are almost always relevant, also neurobiology, and aspects of memory, learning, and language are often good to cite as well). Don’t just say these things are related — give specific examples of how they are related and how what we’ve learned in class applies. Does what we’ve learned contradict or support the main conclusions of the article?

Make a heading called Applications, and close your essay by discussing how the information in the article might apply to your life or more broadly. Did you gain any insights by reading this article? What was most interesting to you? Can you apply this to your everyday life? How and under what circumstances might it be useful to know this information? Again, vague generalities are not enough–give specific examples and details.
NOTE: Your assignment will be checked for originality, and will be graded on 3 things, each worth 5 points:

1. your summary of the article,
2. how well you connect the article to the three concepts from class,
3. your own reflective comments (don’t just tell me about the article — have an opinion)