Nonadherence to antihypertensive medications among African American adults

Select a research study that reports the results of a single study (no meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, or systematic reviews) using a community-based participatory research approach with a selected population at risk for health disparities. Critically evaluate the study by addressing the following points:

Purpose: Describe the significance of the issue addressed by the study; comment if the authors did a credible job in describing this to the reader.
Specific aims: Identify the research questions/specific aims addressed by the study
Identify any specific framework/model/theory used to guide the study. If none reported, was there an implicit model?
Study approach/design:
Identify the stated study design. Reflect on how the CBPR approach may have affected the study design.
Comment about the appropriateness of instruments used, especially in terms of whether these were reliable and valid measures of the study’s theoretical constructs.
Address how the CBPR approach altered the informed consent processes or provided for community member participation on the research team to better inform the study design.
Address recruitment and retention strategies and how CBPR may or may not have played a role.
Results: 1) Discuss recruitment and retention success of subjects; 2) Describe the actual study results (NOTE: a p-value is NOT a result); 3) Comment if the results were clearly written, and whether the tables were well done with a rationale.
Discussion: 1) Provide your own observations of the strengths and limitations of the study; 2) Address the relevance to clinical practice/ nursing and health care or health policy.
In addition to the above, throughout your evaluation, consider the following:

What was the benefit of using a CBPR approach for this study? Any drawbacks?
What were some potentially conflicting agendas between community and researchers?
Are there threats to external validity? If so, how were these minimized or not?
Implications for additional research, clinical practice. Or health policy?
This assignment should be 6-7 double-spaced pages (not counting title page and reference pages), and written in APA 7th ed. format. Please uploaded to the Blackboard assignment site along with a pdf of the chosen study.