Make a 4-minute video on a particular landscape that is important in your life

Task: Make a 4-minute video on a particular landscape that is important in your life. For example, think of an outdoor space that you use every day and could not live without, or place that you really appreciate like a national or city park. Think about why this place is special to you, talk about the plants, the traffic in the area or the lighting, <link is hidden> Be creative!
To begin,
1) Choose your landscape
2) Make sure to talk about the sustainability of your landscape and how your landscape is impacted by or impacts the climate crisis. Think maintenance, use, waste created, or energy used to reach the place, etc..
3) Research about the aspect(s) of your landscape that you selected above and sketch out how you would present that information visually
4) Select your most relevant sources of information, and decide how you are going to refer to them in your video. You can also have a final shot of all your sources at the end of the video.
6) If you choose to do a power point presentation, you can record it as a video; or you may choose to consider doing a video that shows how you interact with the place. You do not have to be on screen in the video but you should at least narrate it.
7) Record the video and post it to youtube (see instructions below) 8) Upload the link to canvas!
Good videos must demonstrate that you have conducted some research on your landscape and can: 1) speak to whatever environmental, social, economic or cultural aspect you chose to analyze and 2) relate it to course content.
If, for example, you chose to focus on the Grand Canyon, be ready to talk about when the park was founded, how the park service is trying to address over-tourism and sustainability, while global warming impact biodiversity, etc. If you are addressing Alton Baker Park you may refer to a documentary you saw, talk about how the park could be used as to sequester carbon, why green space is important to human health, etc. This is a short video, and you will be evaluated on how well you use your time. Be sure to carefully select the information you want to present.