Fictionial case study

Within the framework of an APA style paper, compose a fictional case study of a test taker who is under a stereotype threat. The case study content will include:

a detailed description/history of the test taker and their stereotyped category or categories (<link is hidden> ethnic group, age, gender, culture, socio-economic status, level of literacy, primary language, etc.)
the notation of any biases of the examiner
a detailed description of the context/environment in which the test is administered, along with any potential influences on the test taker stemming from the external context or due to the internal dynamics of the test taker
naming of the category and content of the test being given as well as the reason for this particular test at this particular time in the life of the test taker
a report of the test score/results
an interpretation of the score/results
an analysis of the stereotype threat and its impact on the test taker and subsequently on the test score/results
a recommendation for future action to reduce the stereotype threat for this test taker population
The paper will have an APA formatted title page, at least 3 full pages of content/body, and a References page with the citation for the course text (title page 3 pages in body References = 5 pages).