The Management Process Today

Main topics:

The Management Process Today

Managing Values, Attitudes and Emotions

Managing diversity and ethics

Managing in a Global Environment

Decision Making, Learning, Creativity

Planning, strategy

Designing Organizational Structure

Organizational Culture, Control and Change


Managers Versus Leaders

Managing Diversity in Teams

Managing Human Resources

The role of IT within organizations

You can interview managers you already know (e.g. a friend, a family member or a colleague in a managerial position). The interview will cover the main topics of the course. You will be asked to share with the instructor a list of questions you plan to include. This will help you get feedback prior to the interview.

Please consider this structure for your final paper:

  • Highlight Interview Results (no transcript-style, please).
  • Lessons learned from the interview: how do they relate to your personal and professional experience?
  • Managerial Implications: is there anything that you would have done differently from the manager/entrepreneur you interviewed?