Define what is meant by AWS (Architecture) Reference Models using EA3 Cube concepts, TOGAF/Archimate and other appropriate EAM literature and state the purpose of the AWS reference models

You are to investigate and understand how the AWS meta EA reference model can be used by ABC University. The university is interested to change their eSolution system platforms to a unified AWS one. For the university to work out this corporate IT strategy, it needs to understand the EA workings of the AWS platform, by using public information. With this understanding, the university’s senior technology management team will then consider engaging with AWS for more in-depth discussions before deciding whether to collaborate & partner with AWS to plan & implement the university’s IT strategy.
You need to provide the preliminary research and educate the university’s senior decision makers with evidence-based answers to a number of inquiry questions.
Firstly, you need to research about the general definition and purpose of EA reference models and apply this general knowledge to describe the AWS reference models and how they interrelate to provide strategic and business digital services. In your response, you will need to identify:
(a) the 4 primary domains and discuss each domain’s EA purpose, illustrated with 2 examples of AWS artefact that explains how each purpose works. We suggest you present your answer in a form of a table for sound readability.
(b) the other 2 secondary domains (which are equivalent to threads of the EA3 Cube framework). There is no need for including example discussions like required for the 4 key domains, but you need to explain the use-purpose of theseEA3 Cube thread-equivalents.
In this task, you need to
(a)Define what is meant by AWS (Architecture) Reference Models using EA3 Cube concepts, TOGAF/Archimate and other appropriate EAM literature and state the purpose of the AWS reference models
(b) List and briefly describe the 4 Primary Reference Models and giving 2 examples each
(c ) and 2 selected secondary ones
Secondly, you would have identified the AWS meta reference model, which is its conceptual EA framework. Using it to physically catalogue the documentation of the integrated capabilities of AWS strategic, business and technology resources, would require a granular service catalogue structure. Research and explain what this service catalogue is and explain its use by discussing how its underlying conceptual EA framework is pragmatically implemented.
In the second task, you need to
a) Generalise a generic definition EA Reference Models cited definitions and in the context of EA3 Cube EA Framework elements
(b) Research the key data components of the AWS Service Catalogue and conceptualise its structure (by data modelling these elements from your research sources)
(c ) Research and explain how the client’s AWS reference models are implemented by the AWS Service Catalogue. Do not just paraphrase your answer from your source/s, you also need to explain in the context of the client’s implementation perspective.
Thirdly, The AWS service catalogue allows their clients to define and retrieve different cost management perspectives of EA artefacts. How does that work? There is another tagging method that AWS uses to enable this cost management capability for its clients. Research and discuss how it works, giving at least one example.
In the last task, you need to
a) List and describe AWS tagging principles (60%), and explain how they are applied to tag resources – you need to apply AWS concepts of resource naming conventions and tagging classes (40%).
b) Explain the AWS tagging method for managing the costs of artefacts.