Belmond Hotel Group

1. Describe, discuss, and provide luxury business management plan for the Belmond hotel luxury group, along with the image of the brand
2. Reconstitute how to maintain the marketing and sales ?DNA? brand level? To do so, ask and answer questions such as: is the communicated plan adequate to the expectations of the corporation customers? Does the design address the needs of specific niches or types of customers? (Appealing to ?so and so audience?, B2B in case of differentiated distribution channels ? watchmaking for example because usually luxury watchmakers do not sell directly to end clients -, hence B2C.)
3. How does the investigated business plan differentiate the corporation studied from its same sector competitors? Do a SWOT analysis for your proposal and for the competitors? For example, can you justify your preference for one type of business model? Or, for example, can you argue that a specific form of business management model is counter-productive for a specific audience? Can you support your argument with evidence?

Grading criteria
1. Describe, discuss, and provide synthetic working plan design along with the global image of the brand or industry you selected as a student (30%).
2. How does the investigated working plan allow to reach objectives in your final paper? (30%)
<link is hidden> presentation needs to be professional and analytical
a. Where appropriate, use sources (both academic literature and general information sources) to support your analysis.

Contextual information: Expected table of contents:
1) Main Body, develop the correct brief for business plan, including vision on the influence of know-how, specificities, and distribution channels on the image and brand, and it may also include additional information on maintaining and increasing the value and attractivity of the specific luxury environment, such as:
2) Short history of selected corporation previous business solutions. Draw or sketch schemes.
3) Does the proposed business plan appeal to specific types of customers (b2b/b2c/other)?