Leader Competencies

This is a military essay for BLC.

Topic: Leader Competencies
Minimum of 750 words, no more than 1250 words
Font is Arial, with a point size 12
Use standard margins: 1 inch from the left, right, and bottom edges Do not justify right margins
Use double spacing
Utilize a graphic organizer of your choice
Follow the Army Writing Style and standard written English.
Use the five (5) paragraph format
Strong purpose statement

PURPOSE: The specific reason explaining why the document, correspondence, or report is necessary.

ANALYSIS: Breaking down a situation, concept, or argument into its individual parts to examine how they relate to one another.

SYNTAX: Clear sentence structure using all parts of speech, especially the use of active voice constructions instead of passive voice.

CONCISION: The ability to infuse the greatest amount of information into the least amount of words.

ACCURACY: Using flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics. Also, fairly representing credible sources (citations) using course requirements.

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