Lead Development Coaching/Professional Development

Lead Development Coaching/Professional Development

Similar to the Leadership Development Coaching Podcast assignment, you will choose five different medians of gathering information (TED Talks, podcasts, audiobooks, a book, YouTube, ect.) to research a particular area of coaching to develop that will be useful in your current/future profession. The steps below outline what is expected from the paper:

1. Find five resources within various medians (podcasts, books, journals, YouTube, audiobook, TEDTalk, etc.) that you are interested in. Make sure they help improve your coaching skills and will be useful in your future/current profession.

2. Write your introduction about why you selected the topic and types of delivery.

3. Expand on each resource chosen including a summary of the resource watched or read, and the strengths and weaknesses of the resource’s material. (Ex. Dave Ramsy’s saving money in an envelope technique does not work for everyone.)

4. To conclude, show how this helps develop your personal coaching skills.

5. Make sure it is 4-6 pages, APA format, the sources are cited correctly, and you have proofread it aloud. 

6. Submit to this Lesson Folder in Blackboard

The grading rubric is shown below: 

Introduction:15 points

Area One:12 points

Area Two:12 points

Area Three:12 points

Area Four:12 points

Area Five:12 points

Conclusion:15 points

APA/Format/Grammar:10 points