Impact of Chinese Consumer behaviour on Tesco in China

A. Topic: Impact of Chinese Consumer behaviour on Tesco in China
Tesco faced failure in China and completely withdraw from China in 2020. Market researchers say many reasons for the failure, but one of the main reason said that Tesco did not understand the Chinese culture linked consumer behaviour. Chinese National Culture impact on the Chinese consumer behaviour. So this affected negatively Tesco retail in China.
For my topic, Impact of Chinese consumer behaviour on Tesco in China. this finding and Analysis section need to find the Chinese culture linked consumer behaviour, and how Chinese consumer behaviour negatively affect the Tesco retail in China .( Find main reason, culture and China consumer behaviour caused for the Tesco retail failure in China) F
This findings mainly need to be analysed by applying Hofstede’s culture dimensions. Power distance, Collectivist, Certainty Avoidance, long-term orientation and Masculinity. (Please don’t describes this culture dimensions, I have already described in Literature review, So only apply the suitable cultural elements.)
According to Hofstede score, Chinese consumers are high Power distance, collectivist, long-term orient and masculinity Society. Uncertainty avoidance.

(Chinese culture based on its strong family, nationalism, Dietary (food habit))

Proof the impact of consumer behaviour negatively affected the Tesco retail business in China.

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