Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great

Discussion Question;
Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great
Compare and contrast the leadership and impact of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great.
Who in your opinion (with support) was the most impactful leader looking back through history? Why?

Please complete the following readings before the class session:

Bulliet, R. W., et al., (2019). The earth and its people: A global history (7th ed.).

Review Chapter 5: Greece and Iran, 1000-30BCE (132-149)
Review Chapter 7: India and Southeast Asia, 1500 BCE – 1-25 CE (pp. 175 – 179)
Chapter 8: People and Civilization of the Americas, from 1200 BCE
Chapter 9: Networking of Communication
Chapter 13: Mongol Eurasia and Its Aftermath 1200-1500
Chapter 15: Southern Empires, Southern Seas, 1200 – 1500
Chapter 16: The Maritime Revolution, to 1500 (pp. 406 – 416)