Ethics In Psychology


Read and respond to the following scenario.  Consider the APA ethical guidelines and other laws and guidelines as you are aware of them.  Once you have posted by addressing the questions of concern, you will be able to see other student posts and responses.


What About Bob Movie Assignment?

While watching the What About Bob movie you are to identify and indicate all of the instances of ethical inappropriateness or potential ethical problems portrayed and what section of the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologist and Code of Conduct, they relate to. You do not need to indicate the number of the ethics code, but how it is relevant.  For example, the Psychiatrist being a friend as well as a therapist would be a dual role. 

You should think of the as a fun way to apply your understanding of the ethics code. Do not worry about writing in great detail – just provide enough information so that I know what you are referring to.