Power Figure, Nkisi N’Kondi, Kongo

Read/watch the video “Power Figure, Nkisi N’Kondi, Kongo”. Answer the following questions:
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How does this art form deliver the ideas and beliefs in a supernatural power? What role does sacrifice play?
What role does art play in your religious practice or that of your family? (NOTE THAT I AM CHRISTIAN) Keep in mind that ‘art’ may mean the structure or architecture of a place of worship, a symbol such as a Buddha or crucifix, an altar in your home, specific clothing, and performance.

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Loanable Funds Model with Interest Elastic Savings

Group Memo Assignment 2: Loanable Funds Model with Interest Elastic Savings Assignment Overview – Write a 400 word memo to Congress explaining that their proposal to increase government spending financed….

Prepare 5 open-ended questions you will ask the candidates to assess his/her cultural adaptability

Selection methods for international assignees always include an interview, at a minimum. Put yourself in the role of a company executive who is recruiting for a manager who will be….

Gender and the Global Economy

Read this Research Report: https://www.epi.org/publication/womens-work-and-the-gender-pay-gap-how-discrimination-societal-norms-and-other-forces-affect-womens-occupational-choices-and-their-pay/ (Links to an external site.) Watch the “Gender and the Global Economy” Lecture Watch this video that explains how the United States Department of Labor researches wages and employment: https://www.bls.gov/bls/wages.htm (Links to….