In what way can the European External Action Service be seen as wielding “symbolic power”?

This is for an exam. I need to write an argumentative essay in reference to a article provided. ( please find the attached article). I will be listing the question down here for for your reference and also guide line for the essay attached down below. It does not need to include any references but we have to build up our answer from the given article. Some external references also preferred but the main argument has to be from the given article.

General Guidance:

Remember in your responses you will need to demonstrate both engagement with and understanding of the course material.

Be able to draw connections between authors and main arguments in their texts (for example, Walt <link is hidden> />
Make your own position explicit and support your position with reference to course material.

When writing your essay responses you should be able to acknowledge opposing arguments to the position you have taken and address why you find these arguments less convincing.

Question : In what way can the European External Action Service be seen as wielding “symbolic power”? How has this changed today, does the EEAS still mainly constitute a symbolic power challenge to member state diplomatic services or does it increasingly constitute a material challenge in that the EEAS is assuming a greater role in conducting diplomacy?

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