Describe the Organization

Part 1A: Describe the Organization (5%)

Instruction for Part 1A:

· Around a page in length, certainly not much more plus a graphic that shows the organizational chart.  If no Org Chart is available, create one and insert it into the document. If you struggle with this, there are many excellent online tutorials that can help.

· Briefly describe the organization. 

· NOTE: here is where you state if it is real or fictitious. 

· This description is likely to be 1 to 2 pages in length. 

· You should also include an organizational chart.

Format (you must follow) for Part 1A:

ORGANIZATIONAL NAME: You can change the name to protect the confidentiality

REAL OR FICTITIOUS: Just let me know if it is a real organization of one that you have made up.

DESCRIPTION:  A paragraph or two or three

ORG CHART: If one is not available, create it.