Share your difficulty. Pay particular attention to those moments when they “go silent”

1) I would like you to begin with description.

What are these writers saying?
What claims are they making?
What audience do they target?

2) Link together the readings. I have two anchor texts (Borg on discourse community and Devitt et al on rhetorical genre analysis) that will provide us with the tools for this work. In addition, I include Yates and Orlikowski (2002) as a way to illustrate how researchers examine how teams use genre systems. What relationships do you see between them? What connections can you make?

3) Share your difficulty. Pay particular attention to those moments when they “go silent” (that is when the texts elude your understanding). Pull these moments out, quote the passages and then try to work toward an understanding (provisional as it may be) and a set of questions that help us see the difficulty.

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