Police foundations

Watch the movie Sleepers. Students only need to watch the first part of the movie (approx. 33 min)
This movie shows what happens to four boys who due to extremely poor judgment and reckless behaviour become involved with the criminal justice system.

Assume for the purpose of this paper that the charges against the boys are Mischief causing actual danger to life (to the man in the subway entrance), Mischief Over $5,000 (for taking and damaging the hot dog venders cart) and Theft Under $5000 (for stealing the hotdogs). As well, assume that the boys are 13 and 14 years old at the time of the incident.

Using the movie storyline as a reference point:

 Outline how this case could have been dealt with under the restorative justice system and the retributive system of justice.

 Provide your opinion/perspective as to which system (restorative or retributive) should the boys be dealt with and why.

 Discuss some of the factors presented in the movie that can explain the boys criminogenic behaviour.

*Make sure you reference your sources with properly cited in-text references and source material with a list of references in APA style. You must use at least 3 scholarly sources other than the text.
*Power point material should not be used as original source material.
*Use of legislative references (<link is hidden> Criminal Code and YCJA) is encouraged

Evaluation: Your essay will be graded using the following criteria:
• Quality of your analysis
• Structure of your essay (how well you develop a clear, coherent report; introduction, focus statement; body, conclusion)
• Direct references to and citation of materials
• Problems with organization, logic and clarity, errors in grammar, spelling and syntax and not meeting technical requirements will reduce your mark
• Your paper must include APA style in-text citations and a complete reference list of all sources used with at least 3 scholarly sources other than the text
• Any essay without a bibliography will receive a mark of zero.
• Any essay without proper APA style in text citations will receive a maximum of 50%

All papers must be handed in on the due date. Any papers handed in late (without a valid excuse) will be subject to a reduction in mark, as per the penalty in accordance with college policy.