Define and describe the drug. Include how the brain is affected by the drug usage

1. Define and describe the drug. Include how the brain is affected by the drug usage

2. How would (at least) two of the major theoretical perspectives listed below explain why/how abuse occurs.

biological pathways that may explain mechanisms of physiological dependence,
learning/ behavioral perspectives which view substance abuse as a learned pattern of behavior that can be unlearned
cognitive perspectives which focus on the role of attitudes, beliefs and expectancies
sociocultural perspectives which emphasize the cultural, group, and social factors that underlie the abuse.
psychodynamic theories which involve unconscious motives and conflicts that can be traced back to early childhood.

3. Describe treatment methods, using (at least) two of the modalities listed above: Biological, learning/behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural and psychodynamic.
For instance: Biological methods or treatment might include medications that alter the brain chemistry in some way, possibly inhibiting some sensations or cravings or opening up some pathway in the brain in order for the addict to function better. Or a behavioral approach may pair a nauseating substance with ingestion of the addictive substance or some other negative stimulus.

4. *Use only primary, bona fide sources for your presentation, that includes ONLY journal articles and books. No textbooks or encyclopedias. Hand in an APA format reference page of the journals/books you used prior to the presentation. You will lose 2 points if the reference page is not handed in prior to the presentation and 2 points if it’s not APA style format. Google APA style for details on formatting references.

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