Write a congratulatory email, recognizing the employee for his/her achievement

Description: Thanks to the rise of the Internet and the ever-increasing central role of technology in interpersonal communication, it is no exaggeration to say that email is now the primary form of internal and external communication in the workplace. Considering the ubiquity of email in contemporary professional correspondence, it is curious that so many professionals are unable to write clear and concise emails that are free of error and conform to conventional formats. It is even more puzzling when considering the subtle yet potent effect emails exert on how you are
viewed by your fellow colleagues and supervisors, not to mention how this effect impacts productivity and efficiency. For these reasons, and many more, if you are to truly succeed in the workplace, it is important that you learn how to write effective emails.
Scenario: You are the CEO of a large design firm, and one of your long-time employees has received a prestigious design award. You will need to invent the employee, the type of award and also the nature of the winner’s project—be sure to explain these details in your email. Feel free tous e a project you have already completed or worked on in the past.
Write a congratulatory email, recognizing the employee for his/her achievement. The entire firm(your fellow students), should receive a copy of this email, so make sure to conduct an audience analysis and decide which address lines to use for which recipients. Write your email in the
provided assignment document. Make sure to provide a proper email format.
Carefully consider your audience—in this case, a firm composed of design professionals—and the way your employees will react to the subject, tone, and information included in the message.
And be sure the email is clear, concise, complete, and error free

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