“With reference to a specific virulence strategy, discuss how knowledge of that virulence strategy (and/or the associated host-p

Example can be drawn from bacteria or fungi
You should aim to focus on one virulence strategy in depth, rather than spreading yourself thinly across multiple virulence strategies
You do not need to provide a methods section (detailing how you found the literature, search terms etc.)
Your literature review must include in-text citations and a reference list
Your literature review should be citing original research articles, not review articles
It is entirely up to you which referencing format you use
You may choose to incorporate figures and/or tables within your literature review
Table content, figure/table legends and reference lists do not count towards your word count
You may include material from lectures and/or tutorials, but this would not qualify as outside reading
You should avoid detailing a virulence strategy and then simply saying “it would make a good target”
You must give specific examples of strategies for prevention/treatment of disease (experimental or in clinical use) that have been guided by knowledge of the virulence strategy or host-pathogen interaction