Nation of Narcissists


The summary response essay is a critical response to a text that focuses on your reactions and ideas about the topic. It is not a review or comment on whether or not you liked something. The focus of a summary response essay is your response and ideas about the subject matter being addressed.

Before You Write
Read the piece you are going to respond to multiple times. You cannot get a full understanding from just one reading. Annotate as you read. Think about the title in relation to the work. What connections can be drawn? Understand the context around the work. When and where was it written? Who wrote it? Consider the surface ideas. Look for the supporting statements of the thesis and what evidences is used. Think
about your reaction to what the author is arguing.


Step 1: Read the passage below. Make sure you understand the author’s idea and purpose in writing the piece.

Nation of Narcissists

How important is your privacy? Millions of Americans regularly share private information and pictures of themselves on Facebook and other social media, and a lot of people claim they are “addicted” to checking their Facebook page. When you accept the rules through the site’s User Agreement, you also sign away the privacy of your information that may be shared with marketing companies that will target your own computer. Many pages that you surf through will show up with ads targeted at you specifically. The Congress and <link is hidden> citizens are now waking up to this reality.