Internally focused research plan

Internally focused research plan
Your task is to write a research plan that would demonstrate
your level of skills relevant to gaining agreement from others,
by convincing an organisation’s Board to approve the cost of
employees being given time away from their normal duties to
conduct the research that you are proposing.
We have deliberately used the term ‘research plan’ rather than
‘research proposal’ to emphasize that we are looking for
content and structure suitable for presenting to a team of
business executives or members of a company’s Board rather
than the type of content and structure suitable for presenting to
academic supervisors if you were preparing to enrol in a PhD
Contents list of your research plan must include:
1 Introduction
2 Research objective
◦ Research aim and problem relevance
◦ Research question
3 Literature review
◦ Which of the 4 primary practices discussed in What
Really Works your research project is most closely
relevant to, and why
◦ Benchmarking literature
◦ Visual model (summary of key insights and their
relationship from the literature)
4 Methodology
◦ Proposed data collection methods
◦ Proposed data analysis methods
5 Estimated cost (in terms of time and finances)
6 Conclusion (emphasise the business significance of this
research plan and its likely findings)
7 References
8 Appendices
◦ Interview questions or survey questions or
observation protocols
Remember, your central goal is to present a research plan that
is so clearly important and likely to lead to success that top
management in the business will be convinced to spend
money implementing the plan (i.e. carrying out the research).
Much of being convincing and credible will rely on the details
you present in the methodology section: how you will collect
and analyse data.