Margaret Floy Washburn

Adopt the identity of a famous turn of the century psychologist as assigned above in the “Job Application List of Characters.”

You’ve been asked to apply to be a professor at the newly formed New York University to run their experimental psychology lab classes. The deadline is Sept. 1, 1900.

Write a cover letter to the chair of the department explaining why, in a paragraph for each idea:

you’d like the position,
what your qualifications are,
the jobs you’ve held so far,
any distinguished accomplishments,
your current and future research interests or programs,
your requirements for lab equipment and office space, and
some of your views on current issues such as how you think an experimental lab course should run.
In terms of APA style, have a page number, but don’t use traditional title, author, and college affiliation. Instead format your submission as a formal business letter. APA style in-text citations and references please.