How was the struggle for African American Civil Rights in Texas affected by the national political and Civil Rights Movements ?

The Civil Rights Movement permanently changed the social and political landscape of Texas. During the 1960s, both African and Mexican Americans took part in both state and national movements that intended to bring down racial barriers.

For this Living History Journal Task, respond to  the following prompt:

  1. How was the struggle for African American Civil Rights in Texas affected by the national political and Civil Rights Movements ? (Chap. 14)

In addition, looking at the cultural landscape of Texas today, where do you still see or encounter struggles for equality and basic human/civil rights for people of color in the State of Texas today?

Readings: African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement


Segregation, the norm in Texas from the end of the Civil War to 1965, ultimately could not withstand the resolve of the Civil Rights Movement. Today, heritage sites across the state help interpret and honor the movement and its hard-fought battles that permanently ended second-class status for African Americans and guaranteed them basic rights long denied. Wiley College, located in Marshall, served as educational institution for James Farmer, Jr., partner in founding the Congress of Racial Equality. His fellow students held sit-ins at the local Woolworth’s in 1962. Calaboose African American History Museum, housed in the 1873 San Marcos county jail, served as USO headquarters for segregated African Americans serving in World War ll. In Dallas, the Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House is only one of three house museums in the nation honoring major female figures in the Civil Rights Movement. El Paso’s McCall Neighborhood Center commemorates the memory of Dr. Lawrence Nixon, an African American physician whose legal battles helped secure voting rights for blacks in Texas. Texas’ multiculturalism is a result of many important periods in the state’s history and the rich legacy left by the Civil Rights Movement is one of its most transformative (Source: Texas Time Travel).


Extra Credit Journal Entry

“A lot of people are quick to say that saying ‘black lives matter’ makes you anti-cop. All lives should indeed matter, but we have a systemic problem in this country in which black lives do not matter enough.” – Angie Thomas

For your extra credit journal entry, do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?

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