The Case for Museums

  1. Based on this week’s video (The Case for Museums) and four articles (LINKS ATTACHED AT BOTTOM OF THIS DOCUMENT   ), how have museums changed over time? Include the following in your answer:
    1. What changing benefits have museums provided over time?
    1. When did the modern museum appear?
  2. Based on all the four readings, pick one of these, describe it and explain its function.
    1. Wunderkammern
    1. The British Museum
    1. The Louvre
  3. According to ELENA FRANCHI, what is “Cultural Heritage” and why should we protect it?
  4. What role(s) should art museums play in contemporary society?
  5. What is your personal opinion of the value of contemporary museums?
    1. Do you enjoy them?
    1. Do you make an effort to go to museums? 
    1. What kind?
    1. Find two museums on the web and explore their sites to use in your answer.
    1. Include the names of the museums and a web link to each, please.

300 to 350 words minimum, please. 

  • DO NOT cut and paste or copy sentences from these authors into the essay AND please remember to answer ALL QUESTIONS AND READ AND WATCH ALL ATTACHMENTS!!!! (There are four articles to read and one short video to watch  )
  • You may use at maximum 3 instances of quoted material (partial sentences) in this essay.
  • If you use the exact words of another author, you must use quotation marks and include an in-text citation containing the author’s last name, e.g. (Franchi)
  • If you use quoted material from another source not listed in this module, then cite your usage using an in-text citation and include a Works Cited list at the end of your essay. (MLA)

EXTRA CREDIT: For 1 (one) point of extra credit: (PLEASE DO THIS IN ENTIRETY)

Select another one of these and describe in a SEPARATE PARAGRAPH at the end of your essay.  Type EXTRA CREDIT: and then your paragraph so it’s clear to me.

Based on this week’s readings, pick an additional one of these and describe it and tell me about its function.

  • Wunderkammern
  • The British Museum 
  • The Louvre


FOUR ARTICLES: is on the Wunderkaemmern) (this is on the louvre) (this is on British museums) (by Eleni Franchi)