Roman Colosseum

Write a 2,000 words research paper, in the following layout. Each paper should be written using information from minimum 6 journal articles and 4 e-books and 10 websites in its list of references. (the more the better)

Structural layout of the report:
1. Cover page
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Architectural Characteristics
5. Construction and Finishing Materials
6. Decoration and Artwork
7. Conclusion
8. List of References

Guidelines for Report Writing:
▪ Microsoft Word report (written in A4 pages, portrait)
▪ Font style: Times New Roman
▪ Font size: 12
▪ Spacing: 1.5
▪ In-text citation: APA style (see: <link is hidden> /> ▪ Referencing style: APA style (see: <link is hidden> /> ▪ All figures (images) should have Figure #, Caption (title of the figure), and source of the figure.

Explanation of the structural layout and contents of the report:
1. Cover page (Includes: university name with logo; college name; department name; course ID and name; project title; student ID and full name)
2. Table (or list) of Contents
3. Introduction (Includes brief information regarding: when and where the building was designed and constructed; what is the function; architect/artists if known, patron/donor of the building if known, any important historical events associated with the building. A general view/image of the building can be used in this section and it can be between 300-500 words)
4. Architectural Characteristics (Includes textual and graphic/visual information regarding: the plan type, functions of the spaces within the building, architectural elements such as doors, windows, arches, columns, colonnades etc.; any similarity to other buildings in its period; between 500-800 words)
5. Construction and Finishing Materials (Includes textual and graphic/visual information regarding: wall and roof construction materials and structural systems; floor tiles, etc.; around 200 words)
6. Decoration and Artwork (Includes graphic/visual information regarding: all types of wall and floor decorations, paintings, sculpture works, etc.; around 200 words).
7. Conclusion: (Includes: a short summary of the most important aspects of the building you case studies; around 300 words).
8. List of References: (Includes the list of references both for textual and visual materials).

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