Surveillance Of Bioterrorism In Other Nations

In this program, we do spend most of our time focused on bioterrorism efforts in the United States.  Why is that?  Well, it is an American university and most of our students will be seeking careers within biodefense within the United States.  Over the past four courses, you’ve analyzed and discussed various programs of the United States for biodefense.  But sometimes it is helpful to do comparisons to how other nations do things to compare and contrast.  

BioWatch is a somewhat stagnant program, relying on older technologies.  This isn’t to say that it is useless by any means – but in the past year, I’ve cut the other discussion topics focused on BioWatch.

Choose one nation other than the United States and see what you can find about its biodefense program, anything similar to BioWatch (if they have it), or some other aspect of it.  Claim your country now by posting the country’s name in the subject line of your message.  You can then edit the text later in the week once you’ve done your analysis and writing.  Your analysis should include a paragraph of a comparison to the United States efforts, particularly where they contrast with them.  

APA format, in-text citation, references include, 1 1/2 page

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