Review Fraud Control Activities

Assessment Activity 1

Review Fraud Control Activities


Identify and select an organisation where you currently work or one where you have previously worked and are familiar with.

Answer the following questions thoroughly by providing full explanations and workplace examples where relevant.

1. Identify the organisation and briefly describe the approximate size of the organisation, what its purpose and role is and what activities it undertakes.

2. List the areas of the organisation and/or the activities undertaken by staff members, at all levels, where vulnerabilities exist in respect to possible fraud and corruption.

3. From the list prepared for Question 2, describe what processes the organisation has in place to prevent and control fraud and corruption and discuss how effective these processes are. In answering this question, discuss how effective these processes are and whether there are any areas that could be improved.

4. Discuss who analyses the fraud and corruption risks in the organisation and who has responsibility to review and evaluate the fraud control plan. How frequently do these reviews and evaluations take place? Are fraud and corruption risks are reviewed when any changes are made to the organisation’s management staff and/or structure. Are the results of these reviews communicated to all staff?

5. Briefly discuss how the organisation provides guidance and education to its staff members in respect to fraud and corruption control. Are all staff aware of where and how to find the organisations policies and procedures in respect to fraud and corruption? Are staff members provided guidance on how to report fraud and corruption in the organisation? Describe how the organisation demonstrates that this has been achieved.

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